Volunteer Opportunities

Supernormal is organised by a small, friendly team who create this intimate and unique experimental arts and music festival. We need a strong crew of enthusiastic volunteers to help us run the event each year and clear it all away again afterwards. Everyone involved in the festival, from the management to the stewards, is a volunteer and we see it that everyone is as important as each other. 

Volunteer roles at Supernormal are hands-on, quite demanding and a lot of fun! As an alternative festival it attracts an eccentric clientele, both in performances and the audience and as such, we are always on the lookout for dynamic volunteers that reflect the innovative and progressive perspective of the festival. 

Supernormal is run by what we see as an extended team which includes the core crew and all volunteers. Volunteers are the interface of the event and its direct representative to the public and artists. Team spirit and a can-do attitude are the ethos of the festival and it’s essential that volunteers have and are able to demonstrate these attributes. 

We're not recruiting for volunteers at the moment but watch this space.